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Samantha is coming back to Eagles’ Wings for her fifth year as a staffer. We  sometimes have staffers who come back from one year to another, but Sam, as she likes to be called, is only our second five year repeater. God has placed a special burden on her heart for the youth here and we are blessed to have her serve with us in this ministry.

The last two years Sam partnered with Eagles’ Wings directly for her airfare and stipend. For many years we before, we worked with a mission organization to provide summer mission trip opportunities for upper high school and college age students. They committed to pay the airfare, stipend, and     insurance for the missionary. We are no longer able to partner with them and are now recruiting summer staffers directly.

It is exciting to see God growing us and opening doors of opportunity. We have  already developed a wonderful partnership with Mississippi Baptist College Ministries who graciously pay the missionaries’ airfare and insurance while we cover their stipend. We are working to develop more relationships like this one.

For all others we partner with directly, Eagles’ Wings is responsible for paying a stipend and airfare. We are helping the missionaries raise funds through their community and church as well as finding local sponsors through our supporters.

Please pray about helping us recruit summer staffers. If you know a college or high school student who would like to serve with us or if you know someone who would like to sponsor a summer missionary please contact us.