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Danielle died from cancer on April 14, 2015. Though she lived a short life, she lived a full life.

Danielle was a staffer here at the ranch in 2008. She had an infectious smile and a mischievous  personality. The campers loved her and she loved the campers. She liked to play cards and I can remember many a card game on the weekends when there were no campers to take care of.

We have very fond memories of Danielle. One former staffer named Joe wrote on Facebook, “All that I remembered of her is that she loved God and she loved the campers when she was at Eagles’ Wings. Even though it was only for two months, it was truly a blessing meeting and befriending her.”

Danielle fought cancer long and hard. People say “she lost her battle with cancer” but in reality she won. She is now in heaven with her Savior and has no more pain or worry or grief.