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There is so much to look forward to when camp time rolls around. We meet new campers’ families, we get to better know new and returning staffers, and campers are always affected by Jesus’ love. Many can’t comprehend the forgiveness and compassion shown to them here at the ranch. On the first day of camp, we explain that when a camper does something naughty and realizes their mistake, we forgive them because God forgives us and we don’t bring it up again. That’s not something they experience in their everyday life. Our campers enjoy simple things we take for granted every day. Some are happy to sleep in their bunk beds. If they have a bed at home, many times they don’t get to sleep alone. They get three meals and three snacks a day and they wonder why we eat so much! Many of our campers go hungry at home during the week. The youth who come here are starved—not just for food—but for affection. Hugs and attention when they talk or do something well is not something they know from everyday life. We celebrate everything here. Playing a game with good sportsmanship gets a “YEA!” Cleaning a plate at dinner wins a “WAY TO GO!” Being scared, but getting on the horse or shooting an arrow anyway, receives a “I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!” Sitting still during movie time earns “BRAGGING RIGHTS!” Our campers blossom under so much positive encouragement. Of course, the most important thing we do here is teach campers how to make better choices; 1) Consider the choice, 2) compare it to God’s word, 3) do it God’s way, and 4) count on God’s protection and provision. Every game we play, every activity we do is debriefed. Who had good ideas? What worked? What didn’t? Did you do your best? Did you give up? Could you do it by yourself or did you need help? How can you use what you learned when you go home? Even at horsemanship, campers are asked about the differences in the horses and how it feels to ride each one. Then we talk about how God makes all of us different as well as the same. That how the staffer leads them on the horse is how God will lead us in our everyday life as we trust Him. When people think about camp, they think about tag games, activities, and camp food. But there is so much more to it. Our camp is here to build up kiddos who have no self confidence, to love    campers who get little love at home, and to teach them that doing the right thing is always the best way to go. Our camp is all about the love of Jesus and the love of Jesus is all about our campers!