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The scriptures teach us “a man’s heart devises his way: but the Lord directs his steps”… and many men and women have had their steps  directed towards  Eagles’ Wings. For 20 years the Lord has used this camp to touch many lives of campers, staffers, and others who seem to find their way to this oasis in the New Mexico desert. Testimony after testimony speaks of “feeling the presence of the Lord when entering through the front gate.” This is not something one can manufacture nor would we want to try. This oasis is to be shared with others and we thank the Lord He is working to make it possible to share with more and more people.

Since the very beginning of Eagles’ Wings, the Lord has provided everything and every need. Every youth has attended summer camp for free and every building has been built without debt. This is a testimony to God blessing this ministry with faithful partners willing to give, volunteer, and serve in   whatever capacity He “directs their steps”.

I am excited to share with you about the newest area the Lord is working to grow Eagles’ Wings to serve more vulnerable youth and their families. As you can see from the pictures, we are expanding our facilities. This new building will house a full commercial kitchen, dining capacity of 100+, centralized office space, as well as multi-purpose space for a summer staff lounge, meeting areas, and basic storage. This facility will be used year round for summer camps, weekend family retreats, day camps, and other spiritual opportunities.

As the Lord continues to “direct our steps” please pray about how you can join us in this beautiful expansion of the ministry. You or someone you know may have the skills and    passion to bring this project to fruition. You or someone you know may desire to give to this opportunity. You or someone you know may have wisdom and experience to share with us. The work here is done through faithful partners like you. Thank you for your prayers as we watch the Lord work in wonderful ways.