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This morning I begrudgingly awoke way before the alarm clock! At first I laid there trying to get comfortable so I could resume my position in la-la land. After several minutes of twisting and turning I realized the snoozies weren’t gonna’ happen. I decided to get out of the bedroom, closing the door carefully, so at least my bride and our puppy could continue on in their state of utter tranquility. I bumped and grumped down the hallway and decided to turn on the tube and let Col. Potter, Hunnicut, and Hawkeye Pierce lull me back to the place I belonged at 4:23 AM!  After about 3 minutes of boredom (rerun number 2,457), I returned the characters of MASH 4077 to their rightful place and mosied out to the back patio with my cup of coffee and blankie in hand.

I sat quietly with no dogs barking, no engines revving, no tires squealing or sirens blaring. I realized it was God that had roused me early from my blissful state so we could have some of that time together that all of us Christians long for; that supernaturally charged time when you know it’s just you and the Father!  As I began focusing on Him and all His majesty, the Master Painter began preparing His soft, brilliant blue canvas in the sky to the East.

This was so incredible, because just a few moments earlier I had been mesmerized by the clarity and brilliance of the remaining stars, as well as the crescent moon.  It was almost like watching that artist on PBS, very slowly and methodically preparing his easel and pallet, all the while softly and peacefully describing what he was doing. Now the Artist was adding a few blotches of brilliant salmon color with astounding highlights of chartreuse, and a few touches of vibrant orange and yellow…. Oh, and look, now a few soft touches of burgundy! All the while He gracefully adjusted the light so that each stroke of His brush would take on the appearance He had intended. He skillfully portrayed His masterpiece in the sky then added a touch I had not expected.

Typically we have a single hummingbird who has gotten very spoiled by the treat my sweetie prepares for him, but this morning as my Artist Friend was working His magic on the canvas sky, He allowed four of these little fellas to dance, sip, play and entertain me with the incredible painted sky as their backdrop that was slowly transitioning into a beautiful, clear, morning sky. As they came and went, they would occasionally stop and flutter directly in front of me, with their tiny little sounds like pixie whispers, as if to say “Hey Mr. Roger…..did you see what our Daddy is doing this morning?”.

A couple of thoughts crossed my mind: “This same loving Artist is the Artist of my life,” and, “Why is it we get so busy with life and stuff that we forget to stop and take time with the Master?” I have a hunch He is creating masterpieces each and every day for each and every one of us that might be signed by the Artist Himself!

Are we watching and listening?