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In Matthew, chapter 7, Jesus talks about asking, seeking, and knocking to obtain what we need from the Father in heaven. James, chapter 4 speaks of not having because we do not ask. God is the Great Provider. I know He has met my needs each and every time I have asked. Many times He has met my needs through other people.

How can God give us all the good things He wants to give us as individuals if we are unwilling to ask of Him? The same question is true for Eagles’ Wings. How can we expect to provide everything we need for camp if we don’t ask of Him?

We could not minister to the needs of those we serve if it weren’t for God’s work through generous people like you. Will you join us in our prayers to Him for the work of Eagles’ Wings and that He might lead individuals to sponsor one of our current needs. He is always faithful. Thank you for being part of what He is doing in the lives of the families and youth of Eagles’ Wings.

Staffer  Stipend

One Week         $82

All Summer      $820

Two Staffers     $1640

Staff Flight Costs

One Staffer        $451

One Staffer        $681

Support Staff     $354Camper T-Shirts

One T-shirt       $5

One camp          $60

Summer’s          $625

Bible Sticks

Bible sticks are MP3 players containing the dramatized New Testament.

One Bible stick                      $20

One camp of Bible sticks     $240

Summer’s Bible sticks           $1500