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Had I not the benefit of Henry Blackaby’s revelation of God’s word which produced the 12 week group Bible study Experiencing God in 1990, I might lay claim to credit for at least a small portion of that which is Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch. The rest I might give to my precious husband Albert Lawrence Hagan. However, God, in His wisdom and perhaps good humor, had me in that study not once but three times over the course of the decade 1990-2000.

By the time the concept of a summer camp in a ranch setting began materializing in our minds and hearts, we could not but see ourselves as merely minor part actor and  actress in what clearly was His story. Not long after we were first able to recognize this we could not restrain ourselves. We began the telling and retelling as each new revelation of God came through His provision after provision for this ministry.

One day we heard the words for the first time, “You need to write a book about Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch.” This encouragement, repeated over the course of several years as more and more heard the story and there was more and more of the story to tell, finally caused me to start writing. After approximately 19 chapters, I stopped almost as abruptly as I began. Now several years later, the Lord has given me strength to continue.

I am setting aside at least an hour per day, five days per week and, with the help of the Holy Spirit and Albert’s wonderful files, have completed most of 39 chapters. The goal is to have the project completed and edited for publication by the end of the year. Please pray for me as I write and that God will receive all glory!