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As I was walking along a dirty, dusty part of town one late afternoon, I saw a man, obviously tired, with clothes disheveled from the day of hard work behind him. He was cleaning his tools, getting ready for the next day’s projects.

Even though he was exhausted from the day of hard work and unrelenting heat, he would occasionally pause in the middle of a tune he was humming to share a friendly quip with the guy across the street and to joke with the neighborhood kids as they played nearby. I could tell that despite his physical fatigue, he still had a joy welling up from deep inside, displaying the type of person he really was…

I wonder if this picture is what Christ saw as he was assembling His team of men who would become the group we refer to as “the disciples”……Is this picture what He sees as He assembles His team of disciples today?

Could it be that He would actually want to use a person who is covered with dirt and sweat, with calloused hands and torn britches, to share the Truth of the gospel?

Could it be that He might prefer to use a person like this to reach His neighbor for Christ?

Could it be that you are the one represented in this picture?

Consider being a mentor….. I’ll bet you’ve got the tune in your heart!