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On Feb 1st & 2nd, eight of us guys (Terry Heames, Chuck Greathouse, Wayne Byrd, Dan McNeil, Jeff Mahn, Marcos (one of our youth), Russell Bausch and myself) from Hoffmantown Church went down to the Ranch to help with additions to the horse barn. We were able to install a metal roof on the south side addition to the barn. On arrival Friday evening, we were greeted by the smell of fresh homemade cookies, which we thoroughly enjoyed, as Dianne shared some of the miracles of Eagles’ Wings from its     inception. Saturday she again made us all feel so welcome with 3 hearty and delicious meals in the main ranch house! What a perfect day of work accented by perfect springtime weather (on Groundhogs Day)! We had great fellowship and hard work and were thankful for no serious injuries! As we left for home on Saturday evening, it felt so good to see the roof on the south addition completed and ready for use!

On March 1st & 2nd, five of us from Hoffmantown (Terry Heames, Chuck Greathouse, Wayne Byrd, Russ Spicher, and myself) returned to join forces with Todd and one of our own camp youth to do the north roof. Dianne always makes everyone feel as though they’re a part of the family encouraging us to make sure we get plenty to eat before we begin our day’s work! Again, we had a perfect day working together. God allowed us to enjoy not only more gorgeous weather, but also the awesome view of the Manzano Mountains just to the northwest of the Ranch! We were able to complete this part of the project shortly after lunch and enjoyed unbelievable beauty returning home along the eastern edge of the mountains in the mid-afternoon sunshine!

It’s hard to fully explain that feeling of comradery mixed with the realization that God will use these projects for His glory! Thank you, God, for the privilege to serve! We were reminded; it may just look like working on a dirty old barn, but what God accomplishes in the lives of the kids who spend time at camp each summer is beyond words!

 I look forward to serving with many of you, as we together grow the ministry and outreach of Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch through projects like these as well as through developing a solid mentoring team!