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One blessing Eagles’ Wings has each Christmas is partnering with Believer’s Center Church to provide gifts for our most needy youth and their siblings. This year Roger delivered gifts to the kids in Albuquerque. A couple of his stories are below.

“I arrived to find Sarah waiting outside in the cold. She had no key to the house, and her grandmother never showed to pick her up at school. We visited together in the car to keep warm. Grandmother was not answering either of our phone calls, so the two of us delivered gifts to another family nearby and hoped Grandma was okay.

I think grandma’s car breaking down was God ordained. Sarah and I had a real nice visit, and she was able to see another families needy home.

Both Sarah and her grandmother were very thankful for the gifts!”

Another young lady was also, so thrilled to receive something this Christmas.

“Meredith squealed with excitement, grabbed the gifts and ran back into the house, yelling thank you over her shoulder.”

We are thankful to partner with Believer’s Center in touching lives at this time of year. It is a good reminder that someone cares for us all and that someone is Jesus Christ.