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Last week was our first full week of camp. The girls had a blast and really enjoyed becoming friends with their staffers. The friendships formed over the week could last a lifetime. It was so hard for the girls to say goodbye that one camper cried the entire 30 miles to the pick up point.

One of the activities where campers and staffers bonded was horsemanship. As the staffers walked the horses around the paddock the campers began to share their stories. Sherry told her story to Mr. Timothy. He listened as she poured out her heart about her family, her wants and her dreams. Lisa talked to Ms. Karen during roping lessons. She told how hard it is on her being the middle sister in the family. How she wished she could be the oldest.

Another activity where campers opened up was archery. For some, it was easy to hit the target. For others, hitting the target was very difficult. Not hitting the target brought out some feelings of low self-esteem. Sarah started to cry when her arrows shot past the target. After some reassurance Ms. Amanda leaned over and hugged her. The day brightened and she was able to continue on and eventually hit her bulls eye.

That’s what Eagles’ Wings is all about. Taking disadvantaged, hurting, and vulnerable kids and making them feel wanted, needed and loved. Our first week was a success. We look forward to more successful weeks as the summer goes on.