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Methodists have a long history with the ministry of Eagles’ Wings.  When we were erecting the ranch house we suddenly lost the help of our electrician.  We had a full crew of Campers on Missions ready to finish the inside of the building, but we could not move until we had a local electrician on board. As always, the first thing Albert and Dianne did was pray. And not only did they pray , but people across the United States began to pray. It was not long until an old truck started down the drive.

A fellow jumped out and said, ” I heard you needed an electrician.  Well I’m a Methodist and an electrician and am willing to help. And I’ve brought my Baptist translator along with me.” The LORD answered the prayers and the team was ready to finish the job they came to do.

The LORD answered our prayers again with another group of Methodists, this time from Oklahoma.  Karen lives in a house loaned to us and it was in bad need of a new paint job. Months before we had been contacted by their church out of Tulsa and they were looking for a mission project for one day. What a blessing these five teen girls and their two adult supervisors were.

They started early Monday morning and were done by ice cream time at 3 pm.  Karen’s trailer was painted and it looks great. They had a great time with paint covering them (as well as the house). What a blessing to have the youth from First United Methodist Tulsa, OK serve with us in the work of the LORD Jesus Christ.