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‘Jeffrey’ is diagnosed ADHD and Bi-polar. He could not be still. He could not be quiet. He wanted to be first. He wanted to be heard.

Although very polite, ‘Jeffrey’ had challenging moments. During adventure recreation, he stood by Mr. Todd much of the time. He didn’t want to admit someone had tagged him out. He didn’t understand why he couldn’t be it in tag. He wanted to win. He wanted to have his way.

Lots of attention. Lots of patience. Lots of prayer. This is always great medicine for hurting youth like ‘Jeffrey’. It is medicine that heals deep wounds and gives hope. It is good medicine that everyone needs, especially the kiddos we serve here at Eagles’ Wings.

By the end of the week, ‘Jeffrey’ was playing more and standing by Mr. Todd less. He was raising his hand with the other campers when it was time to listen. He was doing his best to keep quiet in the movie and admitting when he was out during tag.

‘Jeffrey’ still had trouble being still or quiet.  He still liked to be first and he still wanted to be heard.  But he had overcome challenges.  Huge challenges and we are hopeful that the good medicine of love brings life changes.