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We had an unusual opportunity to host a group of bicyclers, Ride for World Health. They are cycling from San Diego to Washington D.C. and chose Eagles’ Wings as a resting point. We were able to host 12 cyclists in the newly remodeled bunkhouse (literally the plumbing was finished 5 minutes before the arrived). Many of them were excited just to have a bed to sleep on instead of a hard concrete floor.  Preston cooked them a great meal and we enjoyed sharing the EWYR story and visiting with them about their trip.

They left a note for Ms. Dianne showing their appreciation. “Thank you so much for your generous hospitality! We really enjoyed our stay here at this amazing place. Thank you for sharing your incredible story. It is quite evident that God’s work is being done here daily. We all feel refreshed and renewed to continue our mission after our stay at Eagles’ Wings. May God bless you all and your great work! Sincerely, Ride for World Health”