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Eagles’ Wings was blessed with a group of 15 volunteers from Park Hill Baptist Church in Tahlequah, Oklahoma during their March spring break.

They were not only a tremendous help to us but they donated a fifteen passenger van to the ranch.

They helped by doing such things as taping and mudding the bunk house for a remodel, cleaning the game room, the chicken pen and the garden shed. They repaired our outdoor chapel and organized our food supplies and our garage.

Sarah Pierce, a former semester missionary staff member of the ranch, was the leader of the group.

We love it when campers become staffers, and former staffers become volunteer group leaders and volunteers become donors.  It’s the backbone of Eagles’ Wings support system and we thank God for these men and women, boys and girls.

So here’s a shout out to Marvin and Linda Fuson; Jay, Adria, and Kaylie   Kester; John, Micah, and Seth Moles; Marsha Rogers and nephew Isaiah; Clay Thompson, Maddie Kellner, Allie Wimmer and Morgan Matthews.