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“Monuments are built out of marble and stone,

They’re for heroes, presidents and kings.

Their names are carved so that man will remember

In life how great were their deeds.”

Albert L. Hagan doesn’t need a marble monument.  His deeds are carved into Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch. The life he lived for his Lord Jesus Christ is seen in the very land of the ranch itself. More than that, his life is reflected in the families and most especially the “kiddos” who have come through the gates of Eagles’ Wings.

Mr. Albert was a quiet man, but his faith, leadership, and vision spoke volumes and moved mountains. His trips to the barn to gather eggs were legendary, as the campers loved to go with him and watch or help. He spoke up when needed and his hugs were more welcome than ice cream. He was a hands on administrator who loved to be outside building, gardening, on his tractor, taking care of the animals, or keeping up the swimming pool. His presence was always welcomed and will be sorely missed.

Mr. Albert’s most passionate dream was to build a multipurpose building. He wanted to live to see this dream accomplished, but God  chose to take Mr. Albert home before his dream came true.

Once completed, the building will contain a large chapel or meeting room, two dormitories, a laundry area, and separate bathrooms for each dorm.

A fund has been established in memory of Mr. Albert for the purpose of erecting the multipurpose building. Gifts given in memory of Mr. Albert will be added to this fund. We invite you to send a check or donate online. All gifts are tax deductible. Won’t you join us in making Mr.  Albert’s dream become a reality.