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First of all “My Holiday Wish” should really be called “My Christmas Hope”. I know Causes on Facebook is trying to reach a broader audience and I guess I am too by participating in Facebook’s Causes “My Holiday Wish”. This is an excellent way to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organizations (ie Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch). If you are a part of the Facebook community please start a Holiday Wish or Birthday Wish to help raise awareness and support for the vulnerable youth served through Eagles’ Wings. Following is an excerpt from Causes page explaining how to get started! May all your Wishes (or Hopes) come true- Merry Christmas!

Causes Wish is a new idea in social fundraising. Using the collective power of your friends and family, it’s a fun and rewarding way to raise money for the causes you care about.

Causes Holiday Wish

The holidays are all about giving and generosity, and Causes Holiday Wish lets you make a real difference. Whether you choose to help out those in your community or people around the world, Causes Holiday Wish provides the tools you’ll need to make a positive impact.

» Start a Causes Holiday Wish

Causes Birthday Wish

So far, 200,000 people have donated their birthdays to charity with Causes Birthday Wish, and they’ve raised over 8 million dollars! For your birthday, ask for “gifts” that benefit the charity of your choice. Everyone has a birthday, and with Causes Birthday Wish, now everyone has a platform to raise money for the things that truly matter.

» Start a Causes Birthday Wish