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Tis the season to be bombarded with blessings. For the last year and a half we were very blessed with Sarah Pierce serving as a semester missionary. Imagine my surprise when I received word from the North American Mission Board that we would be receiving not one, but two semester missionaries for Spring 2011. If that were not enough, we will have a male and female expanding the follow up to reach so many more youth than ever before.


Kristen Peele is  22 years old. She grew up in Eastman, Georgia, and has recently returned home since graduating from college. She studied social work at the University of Georgia, and plans to continue further studies in the social work field. God has given her a heart for people. Her desire is to build relationships, invest in others, and learn from others for the joy and glory of the Lord. She says “I want to serve with Eagles’ Wings  in hopes to share the grace and joy that is found in knowing Jesus Christ, which is the only hope for all people.”


Preston Fowler is 23 years old.  He grew up in Clarkesville, Georgia.  In May 2010 He graduated from Truett-McConnell College with a Bachelors in Business. His heart has always been to help people and to serve the Lord. He is excited to serve at Eagles’ Wings and stated, “I am excited to get the opportunity to pour into the lives of others and to share with them the joy and peace I found in Father God. Without whom I have nothing and am nothing.”

They both will be arriving on January 3, 2011. What a great way to kick off the New Year!