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My time at Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch was definitely a life changing experience and I would not trade any moment of it for the world.  I went into it without any expectations and I came out with some extraordinary memories.  Not every moment was easy, but God used all of them to change me and the kids I worked with.

One day I was picking up Kaylie from school and she said “I wrote about you today.” She had written an essay about how I was her hero and how I had impacted her life! It definitely wasn’t me who impacted her life. It was God shining through me as a light in her life.  As I said it wasn’t always easy. I had to reprimand my girls and that was hard because I love them. But to watch those same girls and the change that God made in their lives. Two of them made pretty drastic changes by accepting Christ into their lives. I could go on forever telling story after story of what happened over the past year and a half but I would have to write a book.

I want to thank Eagles’ Wings for the amazing opportunity in my life which I will never forget.  Everyone will always be a deep part of my life and I am excited to hear how Eagles’ Wings will continue to change lives.