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They tell me the fall season is a slow time at the ranch.  I’m pretty sure that when I moved to New Mexico my definition of slow was not the same as Eagles’ Wings.

In the last three months, Todd and I attended a couple of seminars and trainings.  We brought out and met a new volunteer, Ramsey Penegar, and worked with her for several days to develop a strategy for getting the word out about Eagles’ Wings vision and mission.  We’re cleaning up the barn.  The stalls are empty and we are in the process of leveling the packed dirt, the tack room has been tidied up from the summer, and the fowl are being caged or sold to keep them out of the horse hay.  Ronnie, our maintenance director has winterized the four houses associated with the ranch and he and Todd cleaned up the shop garage.  The office, storage closet and upstairs storage area have been organized.  We held the Fall Festival and had a great turnout.

My definition of slow used to be sitting in a comfortable chair, answering two or three phone calls a day and drinking a Diet Dr. Pepper with my feet propped up on the desk.  Since joining the Eagles’ Wing team my definition has changed.   I now realize that slow means working at full speed instead of ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ speed.