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Not long after camp one little turkey hatched out of twenty-seven eggs.  So cute!  But so alone!

Miss Karen has wanted to tame a turkey for some time.  It would be great if campers could feed a turkey by hand and pet it.  So, this baby chick will be our pet.  Miss Karen goes out each day to the pen and picks up the baby and clicks and peeps at it.  At first, it didn’t want anything to do with her, but now it has calmed down and rests in her hand and cheeps back at her.  When she holds it up to look her in the face it stretches its neck and looks back.

Of course, since the baby is so little there isn’t any way to tell if it’s a boy or a girl.  But it has to have a name.  Miss Karen can’t just go in and say, “Hey, turkey.”  Will you help us name the chick?

Send in your suggestions by commenting below.  We’ll let you know the winning name.