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The trial has been long, but God continues to be good. Mr. Albert’s color and appetite are good. He’s beginning to act like his old self. He’s walking well and continues to improve every day. The road hasn’t been easy, but we thank God that we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens” us.

As many of you already know, since the first of this year Mr. Albert has been going through a trial of sickness. Doctor after doctor was consulted and no one seemed to have a clue about what was wrong.

When the answer finally came, it was a shock to us all. Mr. Albert had cancer—sarcoma in the back of his thigh. Though we now had answers, Mr. Albert’s health continued to spiral downward. He began chemotherapy on May 19th in preparation for surgery. The treatments weakened his body.  He went in and out of the hospital on a weekly basis. The chemo was stopped but the damage to his body was such that he had to stay in the hospital and advanced health care system for several weeks until he was strong enough for the surgery.

On July 1st the tumor was removed and the prognosis was good. But to prevent the cancer from returning, Mr. Albert would need to go through radiation treatment. His treatments will be completed on October 1st (barring any delays) and he will finally be able to come home. He hasn’t been back to Eagles’ Wings since the first week in June.

Continue to keep Albert and Dianne in your prayers as they continue to seek and serve the LORD.