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“Mercy Jesus, Help me Lord,” were the cries coming from 40 feet up in the air. Our first reaction would normally be to call 911 in this type of situation, but we knew it was only Miss Karen experiencing the thrills of the Giant Swing also known as the Screamer.

This past year we received a grant from Wal-mart that made it possible to install a complete high and low ropes course. We partnered with Rope Works Inc. of Texas and Central New Mexico Electric Co-op  to install the course and train us in its use. The week of training was a blast and best of all we got to experience it all first hand!

Training was completed at the end of July so we were able to  incorporate the course into the last week of camp and what an experience! “Daniel” was afraid of heights. He refused to even put on a harness, “just in case he wanted to try the Screamer.”  But the next morning with a smaller group and a different obstacle, he was harnessed and ready to give it a shot. He and his partner started up Jacob’s Ladder very successfully. “Daniel” had begun to conquer his fears. He made it nearly 6 feet off the ground and decided that was enough.

When he reached the ground although relieved, “Daniel” came down with something he had not gone up with- Confidence. Next time he will try to go a little higher. It is amazing what a lot of encouragement and an opportunity to be challenged can do in someone’s life. He now has more confidence that will carry over to other challenging areas of his life.