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Each summer we have young people give up their free time to serve alongside us in the camp program as volunteers. Mr. Albert began the summer with a staff devotional on Esther and “who knows whether you are here for such a time as this.” This staff definitely was here for “such a time as this.” With Mr. Albert and Mrs. Dianne gone for medical reasons, this staff rose to the occasion and made this summer exceptional.

Thank you summer staffers 2010: Sarah Daly, Kaleb Swanda, Samantha Shea, Leah Johnson, Malcom McCullum, Mikela Brown, Ashley Uribe, Allie McDonald, Leann Nanney, Isaias Castillo, Russell Moore, Sarah Pierce, Zachary Castillo, and Josh Tingle.

Not only did God provide great staffers, He also brought others alongside (some already here) to help bear the load. My wife Jennifer oversaw covenant time of all lady staffers. Rebecca Wells ran adventure program activities. Colleen Leach continued to assist with program, oversee archery, and administer medications. Karen Staats oversaw and expanded the horsemanship program and took care of office administration. Vicki Lovato and Vanessa Wells kept food tasting great and on the table. Ronnie Dennisson was faithful in keeping the buildings and grounds ready for camp. This is just a small amount of what these volunteers and staff did this summer.

It is a blessing to have people serve the LORD with gladness together. Thank you staff and volunteers for your service this summer.