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My first summer as staff at Eagles’ Wings, I sat on the porch waiting for time to start the movie. Joel sat near me and his big brown eyes brimmed with curiosity and wonder. “How come you guys eat so much here?”

We give the campers three meals and three snacks a day, so I wasn’t sure what he meant. I discovered he never ate more than once a day at home. I did not know what to say. I’d never met someone who didn’t get three meals a day.

One of the many things we do for our campers is give them good, healthy, tasty meals and snacks. We don’t have your ‘average cafeteria food’ here at EWYR. We eat Pizza, Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, spaghetti and other youth friendly food. Salad is an elective part of most meals. And the homemade cookies and cakes are hardly ever turned down for desert by the campers.

Our supporters enable us to give campers good meals while they’re here at camp. Because of people like you, Joel said the day he left camp, “Hope I get to eat as much next year when I come back!”