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Miss Sarah and Miss Karen took seven girls to Young Lives Ablaze at Hoffmantown Baptist Church in Albuquerque.

There was singing, entertainment, door prizes, and small groups where we talked about what God is doing in our lives today.  There was also a time where all the young people who knew the motions to the song Jeff Slaughter sang on stage could get out of their seats and go on stage with him to help out.

Later there was a concert by a Christian band and everyone went up to the stage and sang, danced, got to touch singer’s hands and just went wild!  Lunch was provided by Chick-Fil-A.  There were sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit roll ups and drinks.  After lunch, everyone (about 2000 kids) played a game called Organized Mass Chaos.  It was crazy with everyone running around and asking questions and telling people what they had for dinner and trying to get eleven people into one hoola hoop…

We hope to be able to take another group next year!  A very good time was had by everyone from Eagles’ Wings.