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Frito is Ms. Karen’s Chihuahua and he had never seen a turkey up close before.  He knew what chickens were and last year Ms. Karen had to teach him not to chase them.  He decided he shouldn’t chase the turkey either, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t bark at it.  So he snuck up behind it and barked as loud as he could.

Mr. Turkey took one look at Frito (who was short, narrow and annoying) and decided he didn’t want to be barked at.  So he spread his wings wide, arched his head and ran at Frito with everything he was worth.

Guess what Frito did?  He tucked his tail and ran as fast as he could and hid behind Ms. Karen’s legs.  Frito barks a lot, but Mr. Turkey taught him there are times he shouldn’t.  I don’t think Frito will ever sneak up on Mr. Turkey and bark at him again.