The mentoring aspect of our program evolved out of the follow-up program, in recognition of the importance of a one-to-one relationship that continues over many years.

This is Eagles’ Wings most recent program, and we are currently seeking to recruit more mentors.  Soon we hope to be able to match every camper that wants a mentor with a qualified, caring adult mentor.

Mentoring is one of the most important parts of our follow-up program. We match one mentor with one camper to meet once a week for at least a year and have further contact through phone calls, emails and cards. They interact with each other and we continue to see personal growth not only in the campers, but in the mentors, as well.


“We went to Tingley Beach and fed the ducks.  We took a walk around the pond and shared things about ourselves with each other. We were both amazed at how many interests and tastes we have in common.  We will make a diary/journal where we can write about our times together…”

– 2010 Female Mentor

If you are interested in becoming an Eagles’ Wings mentor, please submit a mentoring ministry application.