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Immanuel’s Gracious Gift

We have a long standing partnership with Immanuel Southern Baptist Church of Estancia, NM. We shared the burden of ministry for years, especially when it came to transportation. At first we shared our van donated by Fruit Avenue Baptist Church with Immanuel.

Then several years ago Immanuel purchased a 1997 Ford Club Wagon at auction from the local prison for $1001. Several volunteers went through it and replaced the damaged doors, removed the metal cage, and did some mechanical work to get it running at its best. It was a huge upgrade for both organizations compared to the 1985 Dodge with torn seats and no air conditioning that we had been using.

Over the years Immanuel continued allowing Eagles’ Wings the use of the van for its summer camp season and follow-up activities. As the 2013 summer season drew near, Immanuel SBC voted to donate the van to Eagles’ Wings for $1 and Pastor Cory Dryden donated the $1. God once more showed himself as Provider!

It is such a blessing to have churches like Immanuel support the work the Lord is doing through Eagles’ Wings. Eagles’ Wings ministry is an extension of the local churches of New Mexico. As we work together each of us are blessed. More people hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and God receives all the glory.

Thank you, Immanuel, for all you have done over the years and for your continual support of what God is doing here at Eagles’ Wings.


Mentor Training Launched

On May 18th we had our first mentor training of the year. We have been looking forward to this for a long time.

We trained more than a dozen mentors for our Eagles’ Wings kiddos. We are grateful for each and every one of the men and women who are committing one year to spend with a child. But we need so many more to volunteer.

More than 800 children have come and gone through our summer camp program. Dianne and Albert’s dream has been to follow these youth through high school and be a real  influence in their lives. But you can’t do that in just 5 days a year. That’s why the mentoring aspect of our  program is so important.

If you are interested in being a friend to one of our kiddos or have questions about mentoring, please contact Roger Tesch at [email protected]. We would love to have you come along beside us and change the lives of the vulnerable youth of central New Mexico.


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