Eagles’ Wings offers several levels of sponsorship to enable youth to participate in our program, and support the various people (and animals!) that make our program work.

If you are interested in sponsorship at any of these levels, you are welcome to make a one-time contribution for the full amount or set up monthly or quarterly contributions to spread the donation out over time.

Sponsorship levels include:

  • $500 to sponsor a child for one camp – donate online
  • $25/month to help sponsor one of Eagles’ Wings horses or cows – donate online
  • $10/month to help sponsor our chickens – donate online
  • $4,475 to sponsor a child for their nine years of summer camp at Eagles’ Wings (assuming they attend each year) – contact us
  • $2,200 to sponsor a volunteer summer staffer – contact us

Thank you on behalf of the youth we serve, for your generous contribution!