Physical Address: 514 N. Manzano Ave., Mountanair, NM 87036

Directions: From Hwy. 60 go North on 55 about four blocks and turn Left on Cedar St. Go until it ends. Take a right and go North on Manzano Ave. It becomes our drive.

Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch is located on the edge of the Estancia Valley with the Manzano Mountains as a curtain to the setting sun.  We are available for visits Monday through Friday or by appointment throughout the year (during the summer call ahead because of camp). We love it when people come visit and see what God is doing here!

To Contact Us:
Eagles’s Wings Youth Ranch
P.O. Box 465
Mountanair, NM 87036
P. (505)847-0062
F. (505)846-0644
Email us