Eagles’ Wings donors and supporters are a very important part of who we are and what we do. None of our programs would be possible without the generous contributions of people from across the country. We have been blessed by the generosity of many individuals and churches who give of both their time and resources.

The following people supported our work in 2013, and we want to thank them on behalf of the children who attend Eagles’ Wings camps and our entire team, for making it possible for us to do God’s work. We would also like to recognize special supporters who have given as part of their legacy through memorial contributions and honorariums.

Mr. Pete Abington

Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Aldridge

Mr. & Mrs. Primus Anderson

Ms. Mary Lou Atkins

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Baxter

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Beighley

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bennett

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Blackshear

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blewer

Drs. Jack & Bettye Bobroff

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bofman

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bolton

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bonner

Mr. & Mrs. Drayton Boozer

Cindy Brannon

Ms. June V. Broce

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Brooks

Joy Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Brown

William Bryan

Lucille Bryant

Mr. & Mrs. Rod Burns

Mona Burns

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Cain

Dolly Caspers

Roberta Chavez

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Clay

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Clayton

Mr. Bufford Crain

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Crawford

David Crosby

Juanita Crownover

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Dale

Mr. & Mrs. Stan Davis

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Delfeld

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dinkins

Michael Dix

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Donoghue

Mr. & Mrs. Elton Dressler

Rev. & Mrs. Cory Dryden

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Dupree

Mr. & Mrs. Roy Dupree

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Erwert

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ewing

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Fessler

First Baptist Church – Mountainair NM

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fitzner

Miss Esther Flores

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fugate

Lois Gangwish

Judy Garcia

Doris Giardino

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Gibson

Mr. & Mrs. Craig Givens

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Goar

Rev. & Mrs. Ken Goode

Mr. & Mrs. Gorelick

Mr. & Mrs. Gale Greenwood

Dianne Hagan Garrison

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Haldeman

Mr. & Mrs. James Harrington

Mr. & Mrs. Don Hayhurst

Mr. & Mrs. Terry Heames

Gay Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hill

Hoffmantown Baptist Church – NM

Dorothy Holland

Mr. & Mrs. James Holmes

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hooten

Hooten/Strascina K-Group – NM

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Hulder

In Betweeen SS Class – MO

ITEA Roadrunner Chapter

Ruth Ivey

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Dalton Jantzen

Mr. & Mrs. Randal Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Tracy Jones

Richard Jones

Mr. & Mrs. George Kayser

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kramer

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Larson

Mr. & Mrs. John Laun

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lawrence

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Lawson

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Lee

Jeffry Leer

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lockhart

Randy Logan

Shirley Lujan

Ms. Hazel Jean Lyons

Lynn Maines

Mr. & Mrs. John Mareda

Mr. & Mrs. Lowell Watkins

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Maxwell

Mr. & Mrs. Robert McClean

Martha McCrary

Mr. Edwin McCurdy

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McLean

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd McPeters

Mrs. Doris Medders

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mock

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mohon

Lt. Gen & Mrs. Thomas Morgan

Megan Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Morris

Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Myers

Nehemiah Trust Account

Anne-Marie Older

Loleta Oleksak

Park Hill Baptist Church – OK

Justin Pearson

Ramsey Penegar

Mr. & Mrs. John Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Phillips

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Pickle

Gwen Pirtle

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Pogan

Dean Pritchett

Rob Mahon K-Group – NM

Mr. & Mrs. Emil Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Angel Rodriguez

Ms. Patricia A. Rogers

Dorothy Rolfs

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Roof

Brittney Rountree

Lawrence Roybal

Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Rubio

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Schams

Bryan Siefkes

Josh Simmons

Ann Sleep

Sidney & Tex Smart

Mr. & Mrs. Farrel Smith

Mr. & Mrs. James Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Spicher

Springs of Grace Baptist Church – LA

Allen Stecker

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Strascina

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sylvest Jr

Mr. & Mrs. Willard Talbott

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Taylor

Orlando Tesch

Roger & Kathy Tesch

Major & Mrs. Donald Thacher

Claire Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thompson

Ms. Maria Tristan

Turbo Horsepower- Jim Napier

United Way of Central NM

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vallandingham

Valley Excavating Inc – Victor Baca

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ward

Washington Baptist Association – AL

Mr. & Mrs. Lowel Watkins

Wesley Wells

Rebecca Wells

Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Wells

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Wherley

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whittaker

Dr. & Mrs. Marion Williams

Mr. & Mrs. Wes Young

For more information on Eagles’ Wings donations and expenditures view our 2012 990 tax form.