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310 Acre Land Acqusition



For many years, the Lord has allowed us to lease the 310 acres just beyond our north fence line. Using this land, we host our outdoor skills program, do scavenger hunts, hold cookouts, and many other activities campers enjoy. On this property, we recently updated ourDSCN1300 outdoor chapel and with the help of a volunteer team from Georgia built a stone fire pit. The land also enables us to run a few cattle which supply the needs of the camp as well as bring in some additional income. This land has provided many blessings to us over the years and we are very thankful God allowed us to use it for the work of this ministry.

Recently, disaster struck the owner of the property who lives in Texas and he needs to sell these acres. Because we have worked together for so many years, he wants to give us the first opportunity to purchase the land. Though he is planning to sell the property on the open market for $170,500, he is willing to sell the property to us at a considerable discount of only $105,400. This is an amazing price and because of the blessing the land has been to us over the years we believe it is in the best interest of Eagles’ Wings to purchase the property.

We need your help to purchase this land! We do not believe the Lord wants us to take on debt or use operational funds to make this purchase. The seller has graciously given us until September 29th to raise the funds needed to make this ministry expansion possible. Will you be a part of this effort?


Join us as 1 of 10 giving $5,000; 1 of 10 giving $2,500; 1 of 25 giving $1,000; OR 1 of many IMG_0702giving what the Lord enables you to give at any amount. Please share with your church congregation about taking up a voluntary love offering. Whatever you give, please pray that the Lord would multiple your gift and the gifts of others to see this opportunity come to fruition for the glory of Christ’s Kingdom. Any gift you give, in any amount, will help this ministry continue to grow through this land acquisition. Every gift is fully tax deductible. You can give online at www.ewyouthranch.org or send a check or money order to: Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch, PO Box 465, Mountainair, NM 87036.

We are trusting the Lord to meet this need as He has faithfully done so many times in the life of this ministry. God uses people. Will you please be part of the blessing God is going to perform?


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