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On Monday’s, when first time campers arrive, they don’t know anyone at the ranch except the person who interviewed them, and usually, they only met him or her once. They’ve also never seen each other before.

Over the next four days campers come to know the staff, the summer staffers and each other. They make friends and learn to cope with personalities that may not be compatible with their own. They learn how to think through choices. They begin to realize there are people in the world who love them in Christ, whether their behavior is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.


On the last day of camp, we give the campers the opportunity to take part in a trust building exercise called Wind in the Willow. The majority of campers want to try and this year we’ve had at least two camps where everyone in the group was willing to participate. Some of them trusted us completely, some thought they trusted, but couldn’t quite give up their own control. A few couldn’t bring themselves to try.

Wind in the Willow teaches many lessons. That God is always trustworthy. There are people you can trust to do what they say. Together we are stronger than we are apart. And you don’t have to be in control of your surrounding ALL the time.

Who can YOU trust?