Our current needs center around both maintaining our existing program and expanding the number of youth we can reach.

To maintain our current operations we are seeking support to cover our monthly operational funds and follow-up funds.  We welcome donations from individuals, churches, and also corporate sponsors.

We are also seeking to expand the number of youth we serve each year to 180 or more young people, in response to growing demand from campers and their families. To accommodate additional campers we are hoping to generate support for the following:


  • Dining Hall. We need to build a new dining facility to adequately meet the needs of our current campers and those to come. This building will not only provide additional seating for dining, but will give us another open area for indoor activities, as well as centralize office and meeting space.
  • Multipurpose Building. We hope to complete our multipurpose building within the next five to ten years. This building will house more campers and supervisory staff during the 5 day camps. There will be laundry facilities and two large bathroom spaces for the youth. There will also be a large meeting room for indoor games, groups, and other recreations which require indoor space.
  • Indoor Swimming Pool. Due to the frequent inclement weather during New Mexico’s summer, our campers are sometimes denied the fun of swimming. We hope in the near future to build an indoor swimming pool that will not only allow our campers the ability to swim each day, but will allow Eagles’ Wings to invite groups back during the year to swim indoors in a heated pool.

If you are able to support any of our current needs, we invite you to visit our online donation page or simply contact us to learn more about how we can work together to fulfill the Eagles’ Wings mission.