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Merry Christmas

One special family:

During this season of Giving, I wanted you to hear one simple way we GET to help!

This family’s story is an example of the many families we have been able to bless throughout 2011. There are 10 children from ages 1 to 18 years old. Three of them have had the opportunity to attend camp. This year Kevin decided not to return to camp until his sister came home from her camp. She was so different and so happy that he just had to go the next week.

In November, a volunteer couple dropped off a box of food to them. They were invited in and told that “Our home is your home.” As they were leaving, the mother wanted them to know how much she appreciated the camp and how she wished that her children “would feel the same everyday like they do after they get back from camp.”

That is what we want for all the hurting children of New Mexico; to feel the love of Jesus year round, no matter what the season.

We are truly blessed! Please remember us in your end of the year giving.