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Jessie’s Story

Roger was introduced to Jessie during a regular pre-camp home visit. This is her story in his words: “I was invited into the home by the grandparents. It was obvious we (the Ranch as well as myself) were being scrutinized. As I shared more about us, they opened up. Then they revealed to me that Jessie had lost her mother to suicide a year ago, and her father was living with his girlfriend. She was struggling with this whole situation. When she arrived home and plunked herself down at the table, I could tell she was hurting and had built up a “tough girl” attitude. I shared my story about the loss of my little girl who was killed 7 years ago. As I was speaking, her heart softened, and tears welled up in her eyes as she expressed her sadness for the loss of my baby girl. From that moment, we were visiting like we had known each other for a long time. Grandpa walked me out to the car. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘I hope you know what a Godsend you’ve been today.’”

Another mentor and his protégé visit over dinner.

During another visit after camp, Grandma expressed her thrill with what had happened at camp saying, “This was the best thing that’s happened to our little girl since her mom’s death”. She went on to share how Jessie was all “bubbly” when she recounted the stories and shared pictures of herself from camp with friends and extended family, and she also told me how she is not the same person she was!

Just a few weeks ago, Jessie was matched with a new friend, her mentor Jackie. They are embarking on the wonderful journey of developing a trusting friendship. They played games together, visited about the death of Jessie’s dog, and the feelings she has of being “weird”. This is the beginning of a long term friendship centered on Christ. Please pray for them as they walk this road together.

Volunteers Make it Happen

This fall we were blessed with two groups who came to help work on the ranch grounds. We want to thank both groups: Park Hill Baptist Church out of Oklahoma and Hoffmantown Church out of Albuquerque.

Park Hill workers added a beautiful landscaped garden in front of our   bunkhouse. It is adorned with various plants, rock borders, and a few small trees. They also accomplished much on the donated house outside the ranch gate by scrubbing down walls, pulling down old sheetrock, and framing in two closets and bedroom doors.

The Hoffmantown group did a lot of clean up around the ranch. They cut down a dead tree in the front yard of the ranch house and other dead trees and stacked the wood. They also winterized the facilities, worked on the donated house outside the ranch gate (pulling electrical lines), and helped with the barn restoration.

We are grateful to have partners who are willing to go the extra mile (hundreds of miles literally) to see that Eagles’ Wings is a safe, beautiful place for at-risk, vulnerable youth to come and learn about the God who created and loves them.


Summer Camp Challenge

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