Eagles’Wings Youth Ranch is the result of a dream to provide an early intervention and prevention program for at risk boys and girls by Albert and Dianne Hagan.
God led Albert and Dianne to adopt Isaiah 40:30-31 as their life verse and the eagle as a mascot. They sensed that God wanted them to pursue a lifetime dream of having a youth ranch to meet the needs of disadvantaged young people through a camp and follow-up program
Albert and Dianne wrote four western states and found was a freat need for such a facility in the state of New Mexico. They then wrote letters to 20 chambers of commerce in New Mexico and received from some no response, from others only from letters and brochurs… but from the little town fo Mountainair, they received a very personal letter. Their ecperience on Mountainair confirmed that they were on the right path
“When we drove into Mountainair, we saw a large painted eagle on the side of one of the town buildings. The Sunday we were in Mountainair, we visited First Baptist Church and were invited to stay for potluck. During our conversation with the pastor, we were told of a 40 acre tract of land that had been donated to the church in 1940. When we saw the land for the first time, we felt it was indeed the answer to where God wanted us to build.”
In 1992 the Hagan’s moved to Mountainair and Eagles’ Wings Youth Ranch was born. After many more miracles, and God’s continual provision, the first summer camps began in 1998.

Today Eagles’ Wings welcomes an average of 100 youth each summer for its camps, along with many dedicated staff volunteers who come from across the country. Demand for the camp has grown so much that there are now plans to build a new building to accommodate 180 campers each summer. This continued growth is a testimony of the Hagan’s clear vision and God’s affirmation of that vision.